GAC Competition Guidelines (Rules)

GAC Competition Guidelines (Dare we say rules !!!)
A little bed time reading, or just turn up on the day and try it.
You don’t have to have you A or B Certs. Our comps are for all our members.
If you can Take Off, Land, perform some form of loop and Roll most of the Comps are achievable.
New flyers can even try them with assistance / coaching with your instructor.
They are for a bit of club fun and do focus your flying.???


Mechanical Hydraulic Electrical engineering instructor. TQ Education and Training. Model flying on and off for over 40 years, Have designed and built RC planes from scratch. General flying all fixed wing. Tried most disciplines but never specialised. free flight in the early years, then RC, Flatfield thermal soaring, slope soaring, IC powered and electric. Like most here enjoy the challenge of building and flying.