GAC Club BBQ Sat 24 July 2021

Hopefully “Touch Balsa Wood” the Covid lockdown restrictions will be gone in June….??? Happier times ahead. ??
Attached some details for our proposed Club BBQ on Sat 24 July.

The last one, two years ago was a great day, only dampened slightly with a little rain, however the camaraderie, fun and spirit was immense.

Please, Please can members let me know if Attending or Not and number of guests. Reason is so we have sufficient food and non wasted.

Look forward to again meeting your flying buddies, friends and family, have a fun day with some normality.??


Mechanical Hydraulic Electrical engineering instructor. TQ Education and Training. Model flying on and off for over 40 years, Have designed and built RC planes from scratch. General flying all fixed wing. Tried most disciplines but never specialised. free flight in the early years, then RC, Flatfield thermal soaring, slope soaring, IC powered and electric. Like most here enjoy the challenge of building and flying.