Members Induction

Induction Form for New/Guest Flyers


This Induction form is to be read and signed by any new/guest pilot’s in the presence of a club instructor/safety officer.

This induction is intended to outline basic safety rules laid down by the Committee for the safety of pilots and associates.

  • The running of i/c and electric motors is forbidden within the car parking area.


  • All pilots must display a name tag showing frequency, which must be displayed on the side of the container. There should not be more than six aircraft in the air at any one time for a maximum duration of 20 minutes.


  • Only Pilots are permitted in the flying area.


  • There is strictly no flying between the pit and car parking areas.


  • Pilots must notify other club members of their intention to walk out onto the patch when placing their model ready for take-off. You must remain observant of any models already airborne during this procedure.


  • Once airborne, pilots must return and remain in the safety area.


  • You must notify other club members before entering the landing area to retrieve your model. You must remain observant of any models that are airborne during this process.


  • When retrieving models outside the landing area, you must walk around the outer edges of the field. Other pilots still flying must be informed of your intention before setting off.


  • Your transmitter must be retained by you and left switched on, during this retrieval process.


  • If the model is electric, then the motor must be dis-armed before entering back to the pit area.


Any questions /queries you have, please ask the instructor or safety officer before signing this form.

Thank you for taking time to go through this induction.  May you have many hours of enjoyment, knowing that we are all playing by the same rules.


Peter ward (safety Officer)