Within the club there is a small group of Helicopter flyers, who fly various disciplines, if you like fast moving heart busting moves then we have a couple of hard 3D flyers, if you prefer the more sedate  precision flying then there is F3C which is the combined precision hovering and aeros, there is also a couple of scale flyers one of which is a Turbine 1/5th scale, so wether you are just setting out on training undercarridge or are a seasoned flyer there is a vast array of experience on all setups, Nitro,Electric,Turbine.


New project for 2017.

A Jetcat PHT3 Hotcat, this was first sold in the Uk around 2002, it used the Robbe head and boom and it fitted around the Jetcat PHT3 mechanic set which could be used as test bed for a scale application, i sold mine back in 2008 and recently had a call from owner saying how his time flying it had come to an end, he had only added 3 hrs over the last 9 yrs, so it has returned to me, it is currently in bits with a neww main shaft being made to fit the Xcell Tempest head, the blades will be MAH 850mm tapered blades, it should be up and running over the next few months.