Silent Flight

If silent flight is your pastime then the club has some very skilled and seasoned glider pilots, most of which have competed at club level, interclub level and nationally.
If you are just setting out or are interested in this skilled discipline then there is plenty of experience on offer, the strong group are regularly at the field with their fantastic gliders and can be seen finding those rising thermals that blow accross the field from the nearby Thames, it is amazing to see how high these pilots can achieve with no power except mother nature, truly a skill in itselt.
It can be very theraputic to watch these flyers making the most of the thermals and soaring for long periods. Some of our glider flyers are the best in the county, so if this is your discipline you can be garunteed a lot of help and advice on setup and flying techniques.



Congratulations all winners of Welsh Open 2015!

 Simon Thornton at 1st place
Joel West at 2nd place
Peter Gunning at 3rd place